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W G Hook architectural illustration


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  • Your art, is for me, very inspirational. Shows me I need to practice more.

    Enjoyed your site very much.


    • WGHook says:

      Thank you Mike,…. I haven’t updated it for a very long time and it is due for a lot more attention. Most of my new stuff goes on my Facebook page.

  • Bob Franklin says:

    What an honor to meet someone of your unique talent and your original style – you are truly a rising star!

    • WGHook says:

      Thanks Bob, I enjoyed seeing you at Samish. Please check out my Facebook Page for more recent stuff and definitely give me a call if you are in the area.

  • Rashmi says:

    Such a beautiful collection of work! I am so glad i stumbled upon this tonight! Your work is inspiring and its stunning and so detailed that it nearly blew my head . I am awestruck! Beautiful. Beautiful work Mr.Hook :)

    • WGHook says:

      Thank you Rashmi, I haven’t updated this site for some time now so please check out my page on Facebook. Search for William G Hook. That is where I post my most recent works.

  • Love your work Bill. Allways have. The England trip paintings are great. Really makes me want to go back for a visit.

  • Pat says:

    Thanks so much for your demonstration tonight at NWWS. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you paint. I am just starting out in watercolors, having retired from Boeing as a Technical Illustrator – quite a change! You have inspired me to PRATICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Maybe someday I will paint well enough to show some of my work. Until then I will still be having fun!

    • WGHook says:

      Thanks Pat… I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for checking out my website… You are welcome to drop into my studio anytime you are downtown…

  • Bill, this looks great. I note that Lindsey did the design. Quite elegant, and of course the work shines.

  • Danuta says:

    Beautiful gallery. I love it

  • Valerie Mayer says:

    Awesome, Bill! Thoroughly enjoyed sitting behind you at Samish Paint-out! Especially like the Whidbey Plein-air pieces (Lived on So. Whidbey for 18 yrs). Experienced a problem while viewing portfolios: when finished looking at a portfolio, it’s difficult to exit and view the next portfolio. (Using Safari browser)

    • WGHook says:

      Hi Valerie,
      Samish is so much fun…. Thanks for checking out my site and calling my attention to the browser.. I use Safari as well. You should be able to just click on the image you are looking at and it will take you back to the portfolio view.. then you can scroll down to the next portfolio. It seems to be working at my end but I’ll try it at home tonight. Bill

  • Leslie Strom says:

    So many new paintings! I really love the sailing barge on the Thames. I really love all of it…!

    • WGHook says:

      Thank you Leslie.. the barges are really great but very few are still around.. I was lucky to see these

  • Sandy says:

    Looks good so far. There are only two portfolios loaded?

  • Bill Hook says:

    Looks good so far..

  • WGHook says:

    Thanks for dropping by my site. Feel free to sign my guestbook and leave me a note.

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